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A need for IT professionals to gather for social interactions and public awareness has become increasingly necessary for this old saying, “all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.” Hence, Techies’ Hangout Initiative (THI) by the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) Abuja Chapter.

Over times, IT professionals have cultivated…

My elders in Yoruba land cannot let a situation go without a warning, Abo oro laa so fun omoluabi, to ba de inu re, a di odidi!

I too felt bad and sympathetic to the deposed Emir of Kano Lamido Sanusi II, just like many innocent Nigerians felt at hearing…

Does a game have the ability to send SMS messages? That’s probably unnecessary and could be a red flag, Bauer said. Keep this in mind when installing apps in the future, too.


There are many signs that could indicate that your phone is vulnerable to attack by presence of malware…


I’ve always been a fan of Microsoft but this one broke my arm. First insider attempt, worst experience!

It's just unfortunate that I'm one of those affected by the Windows Insider Updates troubles.

It was a day, never to forget…

5G Technology

Many people with or without requisite information on both, have made the issue of links between 5G technology and COVID-19 more controversial than the facts are.

The conspiracy theories around the 5G Technology (5GT) and COVID-19 have metamorphosed into fears about the planned implementation of 5G networks and the potential…

Digitization (Credit:

Hope you would agree with me that Corona-virus (COVID-19) is doing wonders all over the world! No virus has ever held most countries in the world hostage as this, at least in our century. Kudos to its manufacturers, whether intentionally to sell their vaccines, agent of mass destruction or by…


...wishing that my opinions count!

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